Santa Clara County Realtors Foundation $1Million Homeless Challenge


The technology revolution has transformed Santa Clara County into Silicon Valley, the globally-recognized hub of innovation. Thousands of technology companies have started up and grown in the area, offering high-paying jobs that have drawn in millions of people from all across the World. The influx of people and the limited supply of housing has caused home prices to skyrocket all across the Bay Area. This unfortunately has caused affordable housing to become extremely difficult to find for thousands of Santa Clara County residents.

Unfortunately, many have fallen into homelessness, often through unfortunate circumstances such as family crisis, illness, or job loss.

The Santa Clara County Realtors Foundation is committed to making our community a better place to live — for ALL people. As a result, the Foundation launched the $1 Million Homeless Challenge in 2015, to raise funds in support of local organizations who are working towards addressing homelessness in Santa Clara County.

We have already raised over $100,000 — we hope you will join us in making Santa Clara County a better place to live!


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