Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

To respond to the many challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic and the related shelter-in-place orders, the Santa Clara County REALTORS® Foundation has taken significant action to provide relief to our community. Recently, the Foundation passed three motions that were approved by the Board of Trustees authorizing over $80,000 in relief for those who have been negatively affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has taken a particularly hard hit on the real estate industry and the many affiliates and partners who make business happen and enrich our networks. For some, they have seen their businesses dramatically changed, down-sized, or closed altogether. The entire Board of Directors for the Foundation is committed to helping as many people, as much as possible. We hope you all stay safe and well during the constantly changing circumstances, and know that our Foundation stands ready to address the ongoing challenges this pandemic creates.

Relief for SCCAOR Members

If you and your family have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus, the Foundation is providing $200 grocery gift cards to help with food and essential items. Please complete our simple, 100% confidential application form at There is a limited number of cards available. If you are in need, please don’t hesitate to submit your application as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed and funds are disbursed on a rolling basis, and the application portal will close when all proceeds from the $40,000 fund have been exhausted.

Relief for Local Non-Profit & Community Organizations

In addition, we know that many non-profit and community organizations have been hit hard by the pandemic. There are also several organizations who are also responding to the many coronavirus challenges. To support these organizations, the Foundation has authorized a special action fund of $30,000 to provide $2,500 grants to these organizations. The simplified grant application portal is now live, by clicking the button below. If you know of any organizations in Santa Clara County who would be positively impacted by one of these grants, please encourage them to apply.

Fundraising Matching Campaign

Finally, we know millions are suffering in California, and our Foundation wants to help those in need. But we can’t do it alone. If you and/or your business are in a position where you do not need support and instead can stand to help, we would kindly ask that you help us help others. Our Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign, where we will match every dollar donated to the Foundation for coronavirus relief, up to $10,000. If you can afford to provide support, we would be so grateful if you could support your SCCAOR and real estate family by donating to the Foundation. You can donate here: