Thanks to Our Generous Donors

Since 2014, the Santa Clara County Realtors Foundation has given over $100,000 to organizations dedicated to ending homelessness in Santa Clara County. We are so appreciative to our donors for their support over the years. Individuals and companies may contribute to the campaign.

1% Club

The 1% Club is the most elite group of donors to the $1Million Homeless Challenge. Those real estate agents who are members of the 1% club have committed to donate 1% of their commissions to the campaign, with a minimum commitment is $1,000.

As part of the 1% club, donors receive several exclusive benefits, which include:

  • Photo & recognition in advertorial in San Jose Mercury News
  • Facebook and Twitter posts recognizing membership in 1% Club
  • Recognition in the SCCAOR Minute e-mail newsletter
  • Recognition at the SCCAOR Annual Installation Gala
  • 1% Club lapel pin

1% Club Members in 2018

We are thankful year in and year out for our 1% Club Donors. You can see who has been members of the 1% Club in past years by clicking the buttons below.

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